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Our Company in the field of decoration has a special character designs with the presence of skilled technicians in the fixtures and finishes under the supervision of an engineering company also offers distinctive forms of new paints, materials and imported, which gives a special stamp for each project.


Marble of the most used raw materials in the decoration available forms distinct and different and your company best Egyptian marble and granite and imported stone materials in various forms, the company provides cutting tendon Gate and the work of all shapes and hubs and docks and radiators The company has integrated and dedicated team in the marble to give higher quality and better designs.

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The company provides a lot of furniture design where Asala combines classic beauty and Modern to provide its own character products and forms Ultimate with maintaining the quality of raw materials at favorable prices.


Land Scape

The company provides a specialized team in landscaping in different forms the company provides a lot of forms of plants and trees, domestic and imported with the use of gravel and crushed stone is to give an aesthetic aesthetic touch to the place.

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